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Xcrypto is an algorithmic trading platform for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Our goal is to provide traders with cloud-based automated trading solutions powered by cutting-edge technology.

Cryptocurrency Trading - Strategy Designer

The strategy designer has more than 130+ indicators and candle patterns to choose from. Our technical analysis to get the best buy and sell signals from strategy.

Popular indicators and candle patterns are: RSI, EMA, Parabolic Sar, CCI, Hammer, Hanged Man, but we have many more.

30+ Indicators

90+ Candle Patterns

Smart Interaction

Cryptocurrency arbitrage

As price differential for cryptocurrencies can be quite large across exchanges, there is ample opportunity to make arbitrage trading profits in the digital asset space.

Even the most liquid crypto asset bitcoin trades at different price levels on different exchanges.

No trading fees

Hassel free withdrawal

Centralized fund management

Awesome Support

Finding the perfect support tool is hard

But it doesnt have to bel spend a few minutes with a friendly member of our team and we'll share everything you need to know about selecting a help desk for your requirement.

We'll work on timeline

We don't work on commission

Advanced Features

What we offer

Trailing Stops

Trailing stops advanced orders which are like moving Stop Loss or Limit Buy.


Xcrypto is a professional asset trading terminal which works without manual control.

Chart timeframes

More flexible chart preferences provided by TradingView. In the assets trading terminal,

Hidden orders

Another example of advanced orders which are literally concealed from other traders.

Portfolio tracking

The feature doesn't belong to the terminal for asset trading but provides powerful tools. .

Stop loss - Take profit

Thanks to conditional blocks, the trading terminal for exchanges supports forked strategies.


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" Whats not to like? I have everything I need for investing right here and Im bringing my families and friends into Xcrypto With CH by my side, buying and selling while I sleep is a breeze! "

- Xcrypto User

Guan Sam

" Whether you are completely new and looking for a way to get into the cryptocurrency scene or a veteran, this is the bot for you. Here you will find a dedicated dev team that listens to its members, which has resulted in a helpful, friendly and very active Xcrypto community. "

- Xcrypto User

Tim B

" Xcrypto is a truly brilliant tool. I've started to turn a profit. And learned so much about trading through the academy in the process, its unbelievable. "

- Xcrypto User


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Bonus - N/A

Free Coins - 525

Daily Gain - upto 2.5%

Profit Limit - Max. 400%



Bonus - 10%

Free Coins - 1375

Daily Gain - upto 2.5%

Profit Limit - Max. 400%

Pro Trader


Bonus - 20%

Free Coins - 3000

Daily Gain - upto 2.5%

Profit Limit - Max. 400%

Executive Trader


Bonus - 30%

Free Coins - 6500

Daily Gain - upto 2.5%

Profit Limit - Max. 400%



Bonus - 40%

Free Coins - 17500

Daily Gain - upto 2.5%

Profit Limit - Max. 400%

Tycoon Plus Trader


Bonus - 50%

Free Coins - 37500

Daily Gain - upto 2.5%

Profit Limit - Max. 400%

Premium Trader


Bonus - 60

Free Coins - 80000

Daily Gain - upto 2.5%

Profit Limit - Max. 400%

Infinity Trader


Bonus - 70%

Free Coins - 212500

Daily Gain - upto 2.5%

Profit Limit - Max. 400%

Sumpreme Trader


Bonus - 80%

Free Coins - 450000

Daily Gain - upto 2.5%

Profit Limit - Max. 400%

King Trader


Bonus - 90%

Free Coins - 950000

Daily Gain - upto 2.5%

Profit Limit - Max. 400%


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